Iraq Veteran, PTSD Sufferer, Survivor, MST

Sandra Lee, a Veteran US Army Staff Sergeant, was raped by a superior fellow soldier. Already isolated and traumatized by the brutal violation of the Army code of honor, (Loyalty. Duty. Respect. Selfless service. Honor. Integrity. Personal courage.) - her Humvee hit an IED while on patrol, compounding her trauma. After years in denial, following her return home, she sought help at Menlo Park PTSD Treatment Center, where her traumas resurfaced and uncoiled, allowing her road to recovery to begin. Sandra connected on a stronger level with her emotions through local theatre work and summoned the courage to speak out publicly to give a voice to her experience, and for the silenced voices of others. In the midst of her healing, she met the love of her life, Mac, who has been an instrumental force in helping Sandra find hope. They married in the fall of 2018.


Survivor, Chronic sexual and physical abuse

Terry Rosenstiel endured years of sexual and physical abuse at the hands of her biological father and stepfather since she was young. When her courage surfaced to talk about it, her family didn’t believe her. She was labeled “horrible” and “evil” by them. As she summoned the strength to begin healing these scars, the alienation from her family sharpened the pain. Terry's father lived in her house with her and her husband until the day she asked him to leave. That was the day her recovery became her number one priority. Tony, her loving and supportive husband, is thankful that Terry has found the strength to move forward. Now that she has found a home within herself, Terry wants to help others who are suffering from trauma.


9/11 Survivor, New York City

At 23, Becky Lazinger was celebrating her first year anniversary of work at Morgan Stanley in Tower 2.
The second plane hit while she arrived in the lobby. While the building shook and was crashing down around her, Becky had no idea what happened. Thinking a bomb had gone off outside, she thought the safest place to be at that moment was her office on the 74th floor. With everyone racing outside, confusion and fear took over. She ran. And then she walked until 5 pm to get to her apartment. The following 17 years were a deep dark struggle, including marriage to an abusive man. Finding the strength to get help, Becky discovered healing with the World Trade Center Survivors Group, immersing herself in sketching and painting again, and leaving her abusive marriage. She found the courage to share her story with others, hoping to inspire others who identify with her struggle.


First Responder / 9/11 Survivor, Bethpage, Long Island, New York

Jack Delaney (retired) was Director of Emergency Medical Services and Chairman of Emergency Management at New York Presbyterian Hospital. After the NYC Fire Department requested that Jack and his team respond to the WTC disaster, his team arrived right after the second plane struck. He suffered two team member losses and serious injuries. The following eight months on site resulted in debilitating long term health issues. More 9/11 first responders have died from health-related illnesses than those that perished on that day. Jack continues his leadership by not giving up and being a source of strength and support.


Medically Retired Police Officer. Wichita, KS

Derek Espinosa is from a highly respected family of police officers in Wichita. He is deeply proud
of following in his father’s footsteps and planned on a career protecting and serving the community. While on duty, he and his partner responded to a call from a local nightclub. Both were attacked and beaten by a large, hostile crowd. Derek was brutally beaten and left for dead while awaiting backup.
He suffered a traumatic brain injury that resulted in seizures. His career was ended, followed by
years of recovery. He started PTSD therapy in the summer of 2017 and found healing through hunting, physical fitness, outdoor activities, and strong faith. It’s very important for Derek to find a way to contribute and help others with PTSD. In spite of the trauma he experienced, Derek is intent on serving others and giving them hope.


Laurel Park, Long Island, NY Former Chief of Floral Park Fire Department

Ken Fairben is the father of Keith Fairben, he and his wife's only child and an EMT who perished in the collapse of Tower 2 on 9/11. Ken was a life-long volunteer firefighter in his hometown, along with Keith. They were on the phone together when the towers came down and Keith told his father he “had to go and help people”. Those were the last words spoken. Keith’s mother, Diane, was a school teacher in Queens who witnessed the collapse from her classroom. Ken, now in his 70’s, is still a member of the firehouse and drives the ladder truck, keeping Keith’s memory alive through his mission in helping others. Keith’s firefighter turnout gear is beautifully displayed inside a glass locker, next to the other department members’ gear to honor him. Ken bravely wants others to know there is life after loss,
in spite of the pain and grief, which is hard to navigate at times.


Police Medic, Nassau County Police Department, Massapequa, NY

John Delaney is the oldest child of Jack Delaney and was 19 years old on 9/11. He, as with his two siblings, have since, chosen a career as first responders. They have a high level of respect and deep understanding of what 9/11 was like for their father and the toll it has taken on him. To escape the stress of his work, John spends a lot of time on his boat near his home. John is careful to monitor his stress levels and overall health. He hopes that sharing his story will remind people of the sacrifices first responders made each day. He wants to encourage all first responders to do self-checks as well as checking in on their fellow responders and to recognize that getting help is crucial.

SUE ARRIARAN and her daughter KIANNA

Route 91 Survivors

Sue's story coming soon.

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